EMERGENCY COVID-19. In order to protect the health of its employees and collaborators, Credires has implemented the Agile way of working since the first week of March, each collaborator, from their own home, is still close and works to guarantee customers the normal functioning of all our services. If you have been contacted for an American Express account, click here

"In hard times we must have tough dreams, we dream real, those who, if we give ourselves to do, we will come true."
Clarissa Pinkola Estés
No past, no Future
The past defines us
The future is built by... adding something
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50 years of experience in the debt collection field

Active customer credit management

This service is addressed to companies that have payments in arrears from their active customers. In this case, ...

Phone collection

The phone collection activity is an essential activity and represents the first moment of approach to be managed ...

Home collection

Home collection is a particularly delicate and important moment in the entire collection process. Credires avails itself of ...

Legal advice and assistance

Credires has an internal legal area made up of a pool of Doctors in Law with many years ...

NPL – Non Performing Loans

Credires offers services for the processing of non-performing loan batches (NPL) for third parties. The processing of this ...

Economic Surveys

Preventive economic surveys Credires provides its clients with effective information tools such as the control of public and ...

Credires: 50 years of experience in the debt collection field

Credires was founded in 1969 as SEK-SECURITAS, a leading company in the Economic Databases creation and management.

The desire to specialize in the field of credit management and collection determines the birth of CREDISEK SAS (1985). The company soon became a point of reference throughout the national territory thanks to the deep knowledge of the Italian legal system and the organization of a widespread network of correspondents located throughout the territory.

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