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About us

50 years of experience in the debt collection field

Credires was founded in 1969 as SEK-SECURITAS, a leading company in the creation and management of Economic Datases.

The desire to specialize in the field of credit management and collection determines the birth of CREDISEK SAS (1985). The company soon became a point of reference throughout the national territory thanks to the deep knowledge of the Italian legal system and the organization of a widespread network of correspondents located throughout the territory.

CREDISEK SAS grows and consolidates from year to year, gaining the trust of new customers through effective development policies and making loayl long-term customers (Credires can still boast of having customers with whom it began collaborating in 1969).

This growth reached an important stage in 2000, the year in which the capital company established in 1997 changed its name to the current CREDIRES SRL: the staff increased and the headquarters was moved to a larger location more in line with the new company profile .
Many years of experience in the filed makes the difference.


Laura Gianfaldoni
50 years, spent on the top of prestigious service companies. In 1972, she sat on the Board of Directors of SEK, one of the best database, information and debt collection companies in order to manage the debt collection debt and the whole corporate finance. After graduating from high school she attends law school for a few years. The exponential growth of the recovery sector justifies the spin-off in Credisek Sas – transformed in 2000 in Credires Srl. Today Credires is one of the best Italian companies for "Management & Debt Collection" and it is one of the few companies to "complete cycle", dealing with the management of litigation at every stage, from curing, to assisting in court all over the Italian territory. Laura Gianfaldoni has CEPAS Quality Certification since 2001, as "General Manager Debt Collection Companies". Credires is UNIREC founding member “Union National Industry Debt Collection Credit, Management and Information of Credit "(FITA- CONFINDUSTRIA adherent).
Emanuela Puccinelli
After studying economics (school leaving certificate in 1991 from the technical institute, ITC E. Fermi, Pontedera), in 1992 I began work immediately at my family’s company, SEK Srl – Securitas, where I gained experience in all departments starting with elementary data–entry and continuing on to having a considerably responsible role on the Board of Directors. From the beginning of 1999 until the end of 2002 I was in charge of the Commercial Office and Customer Care at Sek Srl and subsequently at Equifax Italy Srl (the company which took over Sek in November 2000). From 2003 until 2018 Chairwoman of the Board of Directors of VERITAS Srl, a company set up in Florence in 1925 and specialising in commercial information, databanks for ascertaining solvency, investigations and special services for insurance companies, with licence in accordance with art. 134. Testo Unico delle Leggi di Pubblica Sicurezza (T.U.L.P.S. – Police Force Law consolidation act). From 05/11/2018 co-administrator of Credires Srl.

Organizational chart

Find out all services that Credires can offer!

Active customer credit management

This service is addressed to companies that have payments in arrears from their active customers. In this case, Credires is ...

Phone collection

The phone collection activity is an essential activity and represents the first moment of approach to be managed with great ...

Home collection

Home collection is a particularly delicate and important moment in the entire collection process. Credires avails itself of consultants of ...

Legal advice and assistance

Credires has an internal legal area made up of a pool of Doctors in Law with many years of experience. ...

NPL – Non Performing Loans

Credires offers services for the processing of non-performing loan batches (NPL) for third parties. The processing of this particular type ...

Economic Surveys

Preventive economic surveys Credires provides its clients with effective information tools such as the control of public and private databases, ...
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