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HW and SW infrastructure

HW and SW infrastructure for data protection

The architecture is oriented to safeguarding data and operations based on the principle of high reliability. There is an extranet connection with a fiber optic connection and a backup system for the connection via the WDSL line, useful in case of connection failure.

Behind these connections there are two robust firewalls that perform protection activities.

The company intranet, is made up of two Cisco switches with redundant star center function in case of failure.

For data storage; we use a redundant SAN with direct fiber optic connection to our VMware servers, also redundant, to guarantee the high reliability of the system in all its components.

The data backup system is managed through daily periodic replicas deposited in a NAS and transferred, via VPN connection, to our remote office in Florence.

At our headquarters in Florence there is a backup system for data and servers, in case of inaccessibility and disasters of the main site in Pontedera (fire, flooding, earthquake, etc.).

System description

The servers, all virtualized through the WMWARE system, are periodically backed up by replicas, throughout the day and then transferred, almost in real time, to our remote office in Florence, this allows us to have very fast recovery times, breaking down, with a wide margin, the times of RTO and RPO, as specified in the Disaster Recovery document and, in compliance with Italian legislation, as specified in the corporate BCP.

The operational activity and files management  is carried out through the Web Based program (Arnia) developed internally by the I.C.T. department; this application is integrated with our voip switchboards (Asterisk) allowing an immediate file identification and the type of activity to be performed.

Software description

Each work station is organized through a connection to an internal proxy that provides access to the internet, to the mail and to the document server according to company rules.

Files access system managed by the client includes 3 main sections:

  1. Access to the uploading  procedure: this access is reserved for specific users and allows the transformation of customer data within the Arnia system.
  2. Files management is carried out by a Web based system (IIS and / or Apache) and a MSSQL Server database.

Access to export procedures is reserved for specific users and allows the transformation of Arnia system data towards the customer’s legacy systems.

System architecture

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